Board Minutes & Agendas

To review the minutes from the Vermont Educational and Health Buildings Financing Agency board meetings click on the link(s) below.


VEHBFA Agenda_DRAFT_20230920

VEHBFA Agenda_DRAFT_20230614

VEHBFA Agenda_DRAFT_20230516

VEHBFA Agenda_DRAFT_20230217

VEHBFA Draft Agenda_DRAFT_20230105

VEHBFA Agenda_DRAFT_20220715

VEHBFA Agenda_DRAFT_20220405

VEHBFA Agenda_DRAFT_20211215

VEHBFA Agenda_DRAFT_20211029

VEHBFA Agenda_DRAFT_20210504

VEHBFA Agenda_DRAFT_20210224

VEHBFA Agenda_DRAFT_20201215

VEHBFA Agenda_DRAFT_202000806

VEHBFA Agenda_DRAFT_202000507

VEHBFA Agenda_DRAFT_20200219

VEHBFA Agenda_DRAFT_20191112

VEHBFA Agenda_DRAFT_20190624

VEHBFA Agenda_DRAFT_20181105


VEHBFA_ Meeting Minutes_DRAFT_20230516

VEHBFA_ Meeting Minutes_DRAFT_20230920


VEHBFA_ Meeting Minutes_FINAL_20230614

VEHBFA_ Meeting Minutes_FINAL_20230217

VEHBFA_ Meeting Minutes_FINAL_20230105

VEHBFA_ Meeting Minutes_FINAL_20220715

VEHBFA_ Meeting Minutes_FINAL_20220406

VEHBFA_ Meeting Minutes_FINAL_20211215

VEHBFA_ Meeting Minutes_FINAL_20211029

VEHBFA_ Meeting Minutes_FINAL_20210504

VEHBFA_ Meeting Minutes_FINAL_20210224

VEHBFA_ Meeting Minutes_FINAL_20201215

VEHBFA_ Meeting Minutes_FINAL_20200806

VEHBFA_Meeting Minutes_FINAL_20200507

VEHBFA_Meeting Minutes_FINAL_20200219

VEHBFA_ Meeting Minutes_FINAL_20191112

VEHBFA_ Meeting Minutes_FINAL_20190624

VEHBFA_ Meeting Minutes_FINAL_20181105

VEHBFA_ Meeting Minutes_FINAL_20180125

Board Meeting Minutes_12.18.2017

Board meeting minutes 10.27.2016

Board Meeting Minutes_09.16.2017

Board Meeting Minutes 06.20.2016

Board Meeting Minutes_06.16.2017

Board Meeting Minutes 04.25.2016

VEHBFA Board Minutes 02.22.2016

VEHBFA Board Minutes 01.15.2016

VEHBFA Board Minutes 11.20.2015

VEHBFA Board Minutes 09.08.2015

VEHBFA Board Minutes 06.19.2015

VEHBFA Board Minutes 05.15.2015

VEHBFA Board Minutes 11.18.2014

VEHBFA Board Minutes 10.27.2014

VEHBFA Board Minutes 07.08.2014

VEHBFA Board Minutes 06.13.2014

VEHBFA Board Minutes 03.21.2014