Borrowers Support

Issuing tax-exempt bonds is a daunting task in and of itself, but borrower responsibilities do not end at closing. There are continuing disclosure and monitoring requirements that must be complied with. VEHBFA staff and consultants will be with you throughout the bond process – from pre-bond strategizing, to issuance, to post-issuance compliance.

  • Pre-bond Strategizing – Whether a new borrower or a repeat borrower, VEHBFA staff and consultants will help you get started with your financing by providing assistance with structuring the transaction, reviewing credit enhancement options and the selection of an investment banker and financial advisor.
  • VEHBFA has put together a legal and financial advisory team with many years of experience issuing tax exempt bonds. They are nationally recognized, will help to guide the process and get you to a successful closing.
  • Following the issuance of bonds, there are certain disclosure and compliance requirements that must be met. VEHBFA and its consultants will help you to formulate a post-issuance program.