Requisitioning Bond Proceeds

Bond/loan proceeds are held in deposit by the trustee or lender. When seeking reimbursement for project expenses, the borrower must first file requisition forms with VEHBFA. Requisition forms may be found under the “Borrower Support” section of the website. Requisition forms may be delivered to VEHBFA by overnight carrier, US Postal Service, or as a PDF attached to an email.

Please click here for the Requisition Forms: FA Requisition for Payment

Requisition Instructions:

A requisition requires the approval of VEHBFA’s Executive Director before it can be processed by the trustee/lender. To expedite approval, please follow the suggested process:

  • A signed certification/requisition must be filed with VEHBFA.
    1. If for construction, copy(s) of the construction requisition (AIA Document G702, G703 or comparable form signed by the contractor and architect/owner’s representative) with supporting documentation (schedule of values).
    2. If for the direct purchase of services/equipment or other non-construction related items, a summary and itemization of the items purchased. Include copies of invoices supporting the expenditures.
  • VEHBFA’s Administrative Assistant will review the requisition for completeness, supporting invoices and resolve any discrepancies with the borrower.
  • When all is in order, the Executive Director will approve the requisition and forward the same to the trustee/lender for payment.
  • If instructed to do so, funds will be wired to the borrower by the trustee/bank. As a default, a requisition check will be sent to the borrower.