Brattleboro Memorial Hospital

Bond Series: 2016 Series A Tax-Exempt

Closed: June 1, 2016

Bond Size: 10.5 million

Credit Rating: Not Rated

Credit Enhancement: None

Purchaser: Peoples United Muni Finance

Underwriter: None

Interest Rate: 1.683%

Final Maturity: 2027

Purpose: The bonds will be used to: i) refund Brattleboro Memorial Hospital’s outstanding 2008-A bonds; ii) purchase medical equipment; and iii) pay for issuance costs related to the financing.

Project Benefit: The Hospital will realize economic savings from the refunding. The loan will amortize over 11 years, will allow BMH to lock in historically low interest rates, and reduce its renewal, remarketing and bank exposure risks.

Economic Benefits: N/A