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Moody’s Investors Services Report ~ Monitization of University Property Can Benefit Both Town and Gown

Click Here to view Moody’s Investors Services’ report on how the sale of non-essential real estate can increase endowments and financial reserves; generate additional income to advance its mission; and reduce operating costs for the asset. For a local government, the addition of previously tax-exempt property to the tax rolls can bolster its budget…

NAHEFFA Report on Non-profit Charitable Educational and Healthcare Organizations

NAHEFFA recently released a report on how non-profit charitable educational and healthcare organizations would be harmed if Congress alters or removes the tax-exemption for municipal bonds.

Click on the link below to review NAHEFFA’s report.

IHS Study on the Economic Impact of Proposed Restrictions on the Tax Exempt Bonds for Nonprofit Organizations

U.S. Not-for-profit Health Care Stand-Alone Ratios: Operating Pressures Led to Mixed Results in 2012

According to Standard & Poor’s, “…the 2012 median ratios for stand-alone hospitals remained generally stable compared with the prior year. However, some measures of financial operating performance are beginning to weaken despite revenue growth across most rating
categories.” Click Here for the full report.